Motorola is touting fewer photo fails with their “Quick Capture” functionalities for the new Moto X smartphone, which is due for release sometime at the end of August or early September.

In the commercial video released by Motorola, above, the company shows how you can activate Moto X’s camera with a flick of your wrist to never miss a shot.

The customized camera interface on the Moto X does not bare a traditional button to take photos like you would find on the Nexus 4 using stock Android. Instead, you have to tap anywhere on the 4.7 inch AMOLED display to snap a shot. The camera uses a new auto focus technology developed by Motorola, which is a feature that lends the company to its claim of “fewer photo fails.”

The rear camera of the Moto X shoots at 10.1 MP for photos and 1080p with 30 fps for HD video recording.

With this phone, Motorola is introducing clear pixels to the RGB color palette, for what is widely known as RGBC. This dramatically improves low-light performance by allowing 75% more light into the camera sensor, compared to regular smartphone cameras. Sony was a pioneer of this technology in 2012 for their traditional cameras.

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