San Andreas Fault

Scientists are saying right now that they’ve detected over 2,000 tremors along the San Andreas Fault line over the past 8 years. These tremors have been occurring in the center portion of the fault and scientists are informing the public that it could be a sign of a big earthquake in our near future.

Unlike small earthquakes that occur daily around the world, tremors are actually worse because it builds tension for a bigger earthquake to occur at some point. Tremors last long and take place deeper below the surface than your usual small earthquake.

What does this mean for the State of California?

It means that the landscape of California could be gearing up for one of the biggest earthquakes ever recorded in American history. This of course would be felt by bordering states, such as Oregon and Washington, and possibly as far up as Alaska, while also hitting British Columbia.

No one knows for sure when this earthquake will happen, but when it does, many analyst expect to see catastrophic damage.

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